These online general mat work sessions are not a replacement for working out with a teacher in person. If you have any medical problems please ensure you have consulted with your Doctor or medical practitioner first to check you are healthy enough to participate.



General Guidelines for taking care of your body (non specific, general help only)

  • If you have a neck issue, use a rolled up towel or pillow and keep your head down, and avoid twisting neck. Also check out shoulder protocol below and neck issues often are coupled to shoulder also.
  • If you have a lower back issue- keep your back flat, no arching in extension. Lower the load of your legs to feet on floor or knees all the way into chest, avoid two long straight legs.
  • If you have a shoulder issue- do not take arms up past shoulder height, avoid circling arms.
  • If you have hip issues – don’t bring hips past 90 degrees flexion.
  • If you have knee issues – don’t pull on knees, hold hands behind knees, and also avoid knee flexion past 90 degrees. Avoid kneeling.
  • If you have wrist issues – avoid hands and knees exercises or work on your forearms.
  • Osteoporosis or Osteopaenia- we advise you working with a straight, non rounded, mid/upper back, so modify as necessary.
  • For any exercise on the day- if in doubt, leave it out.

Terms and Conditions and Liability

Liability: Your agreement to taking part in a video means that you agree to the following: I understand that I have enrolled in a online video hub for  Pilates at beginner to improver level including but not limited to body-conditioning apparatus and/or tools or equipment used during our Pilates workouts. I hereby absolve Exercise Therapy Online and Zoe George from any responsibility for injuries I might sustain while practicing the Pilates method of body conditioning or any actions learned with Exercise Therapy Online. I hereby release for myself, my heirs and assigns, Exercise Therapy Online (incl Zoe George) from any claims, demands and causes of actions arising from my participation in an exercise program / class / video. By receiving these registration notes and joining the Pilates Hub, you are agreeing to this Liability Information. This will act as your continued agreement to all ensuing sessions, workshops and/or seminars whether in person, video or via Zoom.